Welcome to BTC

Since 2000, Broadband Technology Corporation (BTC) has specialized in the installation of voice and data network cabling services for commercial and government customers, as well as telecom service providers and cabling companies.

At BTC, clients quickly realize we are not just wire pullers. We have a wealth of experience ranging from corporate telecommunications to small, medium & large businesses– including special expertise in the latest techniques and technologies in the cabling industry.

Every cable infrastructure installation starts out in a design phase to determine client needs. We then create a clearly defined Scope of Work, a concise installation process, and develop competitive pricing that will meet industry standards and that will exceed the client’s needs and expectations. This enables us to design, develop, install and deliver cabling systems that maintain operability — not just for today — but for years to come.

Rest assured, BTC is your best choice. We will give you our full attention, best care and highest quality all for a competitive price and exceptional value.

Our Network Cabling Mission

To provide the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD Metro area businesses with a solid network infrastructure at a fair price to support the “forever” changing requirements of today’s cutting edge technologies.

Our Clients :